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Triple Chocolate Treasure Trays


A full slab of our decadent triple chocolate brownies, smothered in milk or dark chocolate and then topped with jewels in one of three different themes:    

The Treasure Chest 

Perfect for those who love a Pick n Mix!  This Treasure Tray is topped with chocolate fingers, marshmallows, Oreo cookies, chocolate coins and pretzels, plus jelly sweeties and plenty of bright, bold sprinkles.   The iced centrepiece will be as colourful as the toppings, ensuring a spectacular surprise for the recipient.  



A beauty of a treasure tray!  With more gold than your local jeweller, this one is sure to wow your guests.   Lindor truffles, edible gold leaf and golden Maltesers adorn the dark chocolate topping, together with plenty of honeycomb chocolate, chocolate pretzels and golden coins.  The marbled iced centrepiece will sparkle with additional gold leaf, and pretty golden sprinkles will make this one shimmer.


The Tinkerbell 

Pretty as a picture, The Tinkerbell will delight your little fairies (or Lost Boys, for that matter!)   Soft marshmallows,  white chocolate, Love Hearts and other sweeties, chocolate fingers and pretzels are sunk into the milk chocolate topping, together with pink and white sprinkles and a themed iced centrepiece.  


All Treasure Trays will feed 16-20 people and will keep nicely for up to five days if kept in an airtight tin. They come in a ribbon-tied, windowed gift box. Regretfully, I'm unable to prepare vegan, GF, DF or egg-free treasure trays. 

£25 - £27; Harpenden collection only.


Contact me to make a booking. 

*Toppings may vary from those listed, depending on ingredient availability.  Appropriate substitutions may be made. 


Giant Cookies


An enormous, 10" of chocolate chip cookie Heaven! Freshly baked and decorated with Smarties, sprinkles and a beautiful, personalised iced centrepiece, these really are the perfect alternative for those who aren't keen on a traditional birthday cake or who just love our cookies!


Giant cookies contain gluten, eggs and dairy and I'm afraid I'm not able to prepare free-from versions.  £20 each; Harpenden collection only. 


Contact me to order.   

"I'm not surprised you're fully booked!  Your brownies are the absolute best I've ever had. My opinion counts more than most (ha!) because 1. I'm American, (where let's be honest baked goods are that bit more indulgent), and 

2. My sister was a professional baker."


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