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Round up the kids... It's Feeding Time!



We are delighted to be the preferred party caterer for Little Gym Harpenden!

It is hectic enough organising a venue, entertainment, cake, invitations... Take the pressure off and let us take care of feeding the little ones (and their mums and dads!)


Here's our promise to you:  Whatever contents you go for, a Feeding Time party bag will always contain double award-winning imaginative, yummy food presented in a way that the kids will love.  All you have to do is choose how to fill your bags!


While you sit back and watch the kids having a ball, we will show up, deliver a beautifully packaged party tea for each child and, perhaps, some trays of our delicious adults' treats for all those hungry grown-up chaperones.  You're soon going to be the most popular parent in town! 


All Feeding Time party bags contain a hat, joke and, importantly, a napkin! Beyond that, the choice is yours... 

P.s. Make sure you check out the themed, iced biscuits we can offer as party favours!  Why not get them personalised to make them extra special?

Party food bags are £5.25 a head. 

Choose 1x Main, 2x Sides or Treats, 1x Naughty Pud and 1x Googly-Eyed Fruit option.  

Add a drink and/or additional treats if you like! 

Mains (choose 1)


Soft roll sandwiches

(white or wholemeal rolls):

Mature Cheddar & Ham​

Mature Cheddar


Tuna Mayo

Strawberry Jam (also available on sliced white bread, no crusts)

Grated Carrot & Hummus

Cream Cheese & Cucumber



 Homemade fresh pesto pasta salad (contains pine nuts)

 Homemade rainbow pasta salad (packed with veggies, topped with parmesan and dressed with our own Italian dressing)

both come with a little wooden fork.


Pasta salad options incur a 75p supplement per person.

Dietary requirements catered for separately:

See FAQs.

Sides & Treats (choose 2*)


Cheddar & Parmesan Stars

Little Bags of Popcorn

Packets of Hula Hoops (plain)

Packets of Pom Bears (plain)

Three Little Sausage Rolls

Bundles of Crudités (carrot, pepper and cucumber)

Little Pots of Grapes (always cut in half)

Little pots of salted pretzels

Little pots of strawberry yogurt, homemade berry compote & wooden spoon

*Additional treats available at 50p each.

Drinks (80p)


Bottled Waters 

Apple Juice Cartons 

Orange Juice Cartons 

Robinson's Fruit Shoot Bottles 

Naughty puds (choose 1)


Our Best-selling Chocky Rocky Roads

Millionaire's Shortbread Squares

Mega Choc Chip Cookies

*NEW* Chocolatey Tiffin Squares

Two-flavoured Stripy Jellies (with spoon)

Triple Chocolate Brownies

Mars Bar Krispies

 Chewy apple flapjacks

Chewy apple flapjacks with chocolate drizzle topping

Googly-Eyed Fruit (choose 1)




       Or a selection of the above,

to allow for swaps!

Don't forget the Grown-Ups..!

Poor old grown-ups, they get hungry too!  With our treats on offer, you can expect a few more parents offering to stay for the duration of your party..!

Homemade Cheddar and Parmesan Hearts, with an added pinch of cayenne and a grind of black pepper, are a moreish treat for adults to enjoy while the kids tuck in! They're always made fresh on the morning of your party and they've fast become a best-seller on the Feeding Time menu.

And come on, we all know that adults love a sweet treat just as much as the kids. That's why we also offer trays of (slightly larger than) bite-sized cakes and treats, which the grown-ups have been raving about ever since we started out!  All recipes have been trialled and tested more times than my waistline cares to mention and I guarantee that only the naughtiest, tastiest treats make it onto this menu!

There are 25 pieces in each sweet treat box and 24 Cheddar & Parmesan Hearts per box.  All boxes and trays are lined, ready for you to serve straight to your guests.

Adults' treats


Cheddar & Parmesan Hearts

 Sticky Ginger Cake with Stem Ginger & Lemon Icing

Soft Lemon Drizzle Cake squares

Triple Chocolate Brownies

Millionaire's Shortbread squares

Frosted Carrot Cake squares

Mars Bar Krispie bites

Chocky Rocky Road Squares

Dark Chocolate & Salted Caramel Brownie squares (our bestseller!)

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