• Kate Novak

COMING SOON.... Triple Chocolate Treasure Trays

Something exciting is brewing here in the FT kitchen...

Triple Chocolate Treasure Trays are on their way! Our highly popular triple chocolate brownies have been pimped to the max in the two prototypes below.

The GOLD RUSH has been smothered in milk chocolate and then topped with all that glitters. Crunchie, Lindor truffles, golden Maltesers, dark chocolate pretzels, edible gold leaf and loads more - this is truly a celebration treat which will feed 16-20 nicely.

And if you opt for BURIED TREASURE, you're sure to find plenty of hidden gems in amongst all the chocolate! Marshmallows, Oreo's and chocolate fingers are sunk into the rich chocolate topping, together with a variety of colourful pick n' mix favourites. Again, this will feed 16 people comfortably and is a real feast for the eyes.

Full pricing and availability details to follow.

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