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I’ve been pondering.

A lovely client of mine mentioned that she’d seen “Why pay more?” asked on a competitor’s website recently. I’ve always sought to keep prices realistic, but it did make me think. What does Feeding Time offer, which would make my clients want to pay more?

Here are just a few of my thoughts:

* Choice. My menu is large, varied and caters for all dietary requirements.

* Quality ingredients. Only the best goes into a Feeding Time bag - I do not compromise on quality.

* Food is imaginative. The kids love it.

* Themed parties are catered for. I love a good theme! Iced biscuits are available for most themes (and yes, they take me ages).

* Birthday kids’ bags are extra special and always personalised.

* Presentation is everything. Bright, colourful and carefully wrapped.

* Attention to detail. I’m obsessed with it! No order is ever rushed. Every order is prepared by me - alone.

* Only 5* testimonials and huge numbers of repeat customers.

* Free local delivery on party food orders. (I’ve even been known to help my clients set up their parties once I’ve delivered the food if time allows it!)

More than anything, I firmly believe that a party tea should be an integral part of the party itself, rather than simply a “pit-stop”. Jokes, hats and party blowers will always come as standard - they help to create the kind of atmosphere that I remember mum creating for my little friends and me. It’s important to me. It’s a big reason behind my setting up the business.

Oh, one more for the list: Adults’ treats. Ever had a grown-up chaperone fail to appreciate a salted caramel dark chocolate brownie? Didn’t think so....

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