• Kate

Home-made ice cream "cheesecakes"

If your kids love ice creams as much as mine in this hot, hot weather, then how about trying these beauties? They're so easy to make and the kids can get stuck in and help!

- Blend 100g biscuits (I used digestives) with 2tbsp light condensed milk.

- Press the mixture into the bottom of 8-10 small cupcake cups.

- Blend 350g fat-free yogurt with 200g light condensed milk and your choice of soft fruit. (I used softened apples and blueberries here, but any soft red fruit would work beautifully). Quantities don't matter so much but a couple of good handfuls will do the trick.

- Once blended, stir through chunks of the same fruit, to add texture.

- Pour onto the biscuit bases and then pop in a lolly stick before freezing for at least 4 hours.



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