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Feeling Festive at Feeding Time!

Christmas has certainly arrived in the FT kitchen! It's been a really busy week preparing bespoke, handmade festive bags (and festive contents!) for end of term Christmas parties.

Everything has been themed where possible - from Snowman biscuits and Rudolph sprinkles (and his missing nose - oh deer!), to shimmering gold brownies fit for a king (or three) and fruit dressed up as reindeer. Even our famous cheddar and parmesan stars were converted into holly leaves and sausage rolls swapped for pigs in blankets!

And - strictly for the grown-ups - the lemon drizzle cake has been well and truly pimped with an extra large slug of G&T....

I love catering for themed parties. If you'd like something special for yours, just get in touch. No challenge is too great!

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