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Price changes from 1 December 2017

Feeding Time will be raising the price of its standard children's party food bags to £3.95 (from £3.75) with effect from 1 December 2017. There will also be a slight increase in the cost of the adults' treats I offer.

As you can imagine, I use a LOT of butter in this business! When I started out, butter cost just under £3.50/kg. It is now almost double that and prices are forecast to continue to rise.

I have been absorbing this cost myself throughout the past year, but it has now got to a stage where unfortunately I need to increase my prices. I will not compromise on the quality of my ingredients (e.g. by using butter substitutes where I currently use the good stuff). It is important to me that I continue to offer food that stands out in the market.

I am really grateful to everyone who has used - and who continues to use - Feeding Time for their parties. I get such lovely feedback from you all, and I very much hope that you understand this decision.

All existing bookings will remain at the current prices, regardless of the date of your party. The increase will apply to new bookings made for parties falling on or after 1 December 2017.

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