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Cracking toffee apples

Well it wouldn't be bonfire night without a toffee apple, would it?! And why buy them when they're so easy to make?

Start by plunging your apples into boiling water and then drying off. (This removes any wax and ensures the toffee will actually stick properly). Pat dry and whack in a lolly stick.

For these two apples, I put 100g caster sugar and 25ml water into a pan and dissolved. I then added 1tbsp syrup and a tiny dash of vinegar and stirred. You are then meant to leave the mixture bubbling away until it reaches 150 degrees celsius - but who actually has a sugar thermometer at home?! Not me. The toffee is ready when a drop of it hardens immediately when added to cold water.

Now - act fast...

Roll your apple in the toffee and shake off any excess. Leave to dry upside down on some baking paper. If, like me, you want to decorate the apple, you need to do it within seconds as the toffee sets unbelievably quickly. I've added popping candy to one of mine and colourful chocolate sprinkles to the other.

And I've made an appointment at the dentist for next week.

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