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Party food with the FUN factor!

Adding the fun to food is at the core of what Feeding Time is all about! Every single bag we prepare for every single party we cater has had lots of time dedicated to presenting the food in an imaginative way that will make the kids smile. As one reviewer recently kindly said, party food shouldn't be a "pit-stop" in the middle of the celebrations.... it should be a wonderful part of the party itself!

We are always on the hunt for new and inventive ways of presenting party food. The googly eyes on our fruit has shown that when children love the look of their food, they're more eager to tuck in. Even when (and shhhhh... don't tell them....) it's healthy.

Here on our Blog, we will share some of our ideas, tips and creations. Why not copy some of them for your own party? Or spend a little time in the kitchen with the kids and let them have a go at making their food fun.



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