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My eldest, William, about to tuck in...


What child doesn't love a party tea?!

As a mum of two, (and, more importantly, as someone who was also once a child!) I know how excited children get about party food. The mad dash to the dinner table can be like feeding time at the zoo.


I have very fond memories of my own mum spending hours lovingly preparing food for my birthday parties and those of my brothers. She knew, as I do now, that children eat with their eyes, just as we do. Little guests were treated to her delicious home-made sandwiches, nibbles and cakes. But party teas were about more than just the food. They were fun and we were happy and there was always laughter.


That was back in the 1980’s…! Our children’s parties now are often a different affair altogether. Time can be pressing both in the run-up to a party and at the party itself. Hiring a venue can mean that after your entertainment, you have a limited slot within which to get the kids’ tummies filled.


Let Feeding Time help you.


Feeding Time is the home of award-winning, tasty, home-cooked party food served in bright, fun-filled bags that will delight your small party guests. My food is personally prepared with quality ingredients and a dash of imagination and it doesn’t take itself too seriously!  You'll always receive a friendly, reliable service from a mum who really cares about your special event. 


Individual bags allow for a mess-free, stress-free party tea. Take the pressure off and sit back and enjoy watching your children eat, laugh and get covered in chocolate just as you remember doing*.  I'd be delighted to help you create a truly memorable party.

CRUMBS at Feeding Time

CRUMBS is our more grown-up branding, providing beautiful bespoke biscuits, bakes and treats for a variety of other special occasions. Our brownies and bakes are also stocked in the Lazy Bear cafe in Harpenden.



*napkins are provided!


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